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Rudimental Control Drum Pads

Hematite and Tiger Eye Chop Bracelet

Hematite and Tiger Eye Chop Bracelet

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Chop out in style with the Rudimental Control stylish Bracelets!!!

HEMATITE, ”stone for the mind”, has been known as a crystal of great healing power and protection. This stone brings a deep sense of confidence thanks to its ability to stop toxic emotions.
When you wear Hematite bracelet your yin/yang energies will be balanced, because this magical stone is connected to root chakra.

•TIGERS EYE, traditionally, has been considered as a highly protective amulet to ward off curses and to keep the wearer safe from ill-wishes.
It’s believed that Tiger Eye balances physical and emotional wellbeing due to its connection to the root and sacral chakra.

This healing energy protection bracelet is made using natural 8mm bead stones cleansed in selenite bowl.

It’s stretchy, comfortable to wear and looks great with anything you wear.

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