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"Master Your Chops"

Thanks for visiting Rudimental Control!!! Our drum practice pads are made to order by a seasoned professional snare drummer. This pad concept has been designed around the science of feel, sound and visual percussive principles. We hope to build the pad beyond your Dreams!!!!

Our practice pad allows you to experience an authentic drum practice session...

1. Rudimental Control practice pads are handcrafted,high quality, and produce a real feel drumming experience. The use of a real drumhead creates extreme rebound and feel unmatched by gum rubber, silicone etc...

2. Our drum pad design allow you get a realistic practice experience. You will develope muscle memory to perform shots, visuals and dynamics required in a live performance.

3. The rudimental control snare practice pad allows adjustable tension and articulation levels by providing the capability to tighten, loosen or change the drum head as desired.

Practice Pad Review by SnareMan

Texas Southern University Snare Ensemble