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Rudimental Control Drum Pads

Green Slime Edition Practice Pad 🟢⚫️🟢⚫️

Green Slime Edition Practice Pad 🟢⚫️🟢⚫️

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Make practice sessions fun and exciting with the Slime Edition Practice Pad. This special edition practice pad is designed for a realistic practicing experience with a specially designed, Green Slime Splatter Base finish for a fun look. Practice your skills like a pro with  control and precision.

  1. Real Drum Head and Hoop: Experience the feel of playing on a actual drum with the Rudimental Control Drum Pad. The dual mylar drum head and steel hoop closely replicate the feel of an actual drum, allowing you to practice and perform with unparalleled realism.

  2. Responsive Playing Surface: Whether you're working on your stick control, rudiments, or refining your technique, the responsive playing surface of the Rudimental Control Drum Pad ensures that every stroke and nuance is accurately captured. This enables you to develop precision and speed in your drumming skills.

  3. Splatter Paint Design: The fun eye popping color design of the drum pad enhances its visual appeal, making it a stylish addition to your practice session.

13” Dual Ply 15 Mil Black Mylar Head.

13" 2.3 mm 8 lug High Grade Black Nickel Hoop.

Heavy Duty Black Hardware For High Tuning and Kevlar.

Thick Splatter Painted Wood Base That Produces a Percussive Melodic Timbre. 

High Tension Available: Please select Evans Hybrid Head from menú with your pad purchase. Thanks 

Custom Engraving is not allowed on Splatter Paint Practice Pads...

Allow 2-3 Week Processing

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